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Steven J. Rinaldi, DMD. Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry

Missing Teeth or Loose Dentures Holding You Back?

Mini Dental Implants Will Change YOUR LIFE!

Eat, Talk & Smile with Confidence

Secure Dentures or Place Crowns in "Two Hours" 
Half the Cost of Traditional Implants

Gentle, Non-Surgical Approach 

Are you:
Self-conscious and embarrassed by missing teeth?
Happy with the fit of your dentures? 
Able to eat your favorite foods? 


In one short visit we can replace missing teeth or anchor and secure existing dentures to our mini dental implants.


Imagine visiting Dr. Rinaldi and leaving two hours later with new crowns or anchored dentures that allows you to eat comfortably, have a pleasant conversation, and laugh and talk with confidence. Mini-implants can do this for you at a fraction of the cost and time needed for traditional dental implants.  Healing and recovery time is also greatly reduced.



Dear Dr. Steve,
It was an incredible experience....and I am startled that I was comfortable and relaxed during the procedure!!   For almost two years, I had been seeking the right dental team (one with authentic hearts and kindness) who could provide a state-of-the art implant procedure that was as minimally invasive as possible, and affordable!!!  I will certainly educate my clients, family and peers about this phenomenal mini-implant procedure...and of course, about your wonderful practice, 'Andover Smiles'

Linn M., Public Service Health Educator, Boston MA

The whole experience was awesome!  I am getting married in a few weeks and am so happy with my new smile.  Dr. Rinaldi placed implants and a new upper denture.  He explained everything thoroughly and was very patient during the procedure.  I am so happy I found Dr. Rinaldi and will refer the rest of my family to him!

Gloria D. Dorchester

I didn’t like the way my old denture looked or fit.  You spent the extra time to find out exactly what I desired and I understand now why you wanted a photo of me with natural teeth.  My smile looks like it did 20 years ago and because of the implants, I can eat anything I want!

Thank you Dr. Rinaldi for taking such good care of me and making it a pleasant experience.


Maria R, North Andover


After an open heart operation, I then required dental work due to the extraction of four teeth.  I was fascinated with the possibility of mini implants to replace them  and Dr.  Rinaldi  came highly recommended by my son and his associated family members.  I was relatively pain free during and after the placement of six mini implants and crowns.  The costs for a single tooth or for multiple teeth, is  very reasonable.  I found Dr. Rinaldi and his staff exceedingly friendly, cooperative and very professional in all our encounters. I would/will recommend and continue with any further dental care from Andover Smiles and Dr.Rinaldi, not only relative to mini implants, but for all future personal and family dental care. I certainly would be remiss If I failed to mention Dr.  Rinaldi's uncommom concerns for his patients as demonstrated by his followup telephone calls after a procedure completion.


Alfred Pelletier, Andover

We live in Florida and were visiting family in MA.  Recently, I had a new set of dentures made that I was very unhappy with because they did not fit well and prevented me from chewing properly.  Dr Rinaldi placed four mini implants and made a new lower denture that doesn’t move at all.  I’m amazed at how easy the procedure was and am looking forward to doing the same with my upper teeth.


Margaret D, Florida

I had a partial plate for many years and was never happy with it, especially the metal that went across the roof of my mouth.   Dr Rinaldi placed three implants and crowns and I didn’t feel a thing!

Now I am able to chew everything and love my new smile!


Patrick K, Dorchester

All I can say is WOW!  Placement of the implants was easy and  I experienced  very little discomfort which advil took care of.  I love my new crown, it feels great.   It’s nice to have two good sides to chew on.  Thanks Dr. Rinaldi for a great job from start to finish!


Liz P, Andover

The whole process was magnificent!  There was no pain and the procedure went by quickly.  I’m so happy that finally, my lower denture will  not move when I talk and eat.  I will recommend you to everyone! Thank you Dr. Rinaldi.


Joanna G, Tewksbury

Dr Rinaldi replaced a missing tooth with a mini implant and crown.  The procedure from start to finish was a piece of cake!

Jack Y, Andover

 "I wasn't able to chew well on my left side due to a missing tooth.  I also didn't like how it looked.  The placement of the mini implant and crown was painless, quick and affordable.  I'm thrilled I did it!  Thanks Dr. Rinaldi"

Arthur F, Seekonk


“I have been missing several teeth on my bottom right side for years which made it very difficult to eat.  Dr. Rinaldi placed three mini implants and crowns. The procedure was so easy, I didn’t feel a thing.   I’m so excited to be able chew on my back teeth again.”

Mollie W, Andover 

"The procedure was pain free!  Thanks Dr. Rinaldi for helping me to feel at ease and doing a great job with my new denture!"

Bill W, Andover

"My teeth have been missing for many years and it has been a struggle to chew properly.  Thank you Dr. Rinaldi for replacing them with mini implants and crowns.  It was painless, quick and very affordable!"

Nick L, Lowell

The process of replacing my molar was awesome!  I need to do the same thing for several others and am looking forward to completing the work.  I actually went back to work the same afternoon and felt fine.

Beth M.  Needham

I have an upper denture and it never fit well.  It moved when I ate and talked, even with adhesive. I got tired of dealing with the aggravation of cleaning the paste so I spent some time online and found Dr. Rinaldi.  He placed six mini implants and I didn’t feel a thing.  The denture was attached to them and now it doesn’t budge! 

Ed M. West Roxbury